Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Started

This blog is about the journey I'm taking toward greater self-sufficiency. Read along, if you like, and live your dreams, too!

For years, I've dreamed of living self-sufficiently. I've read Laura Ingalls Wilder's books and dreamed of what it might be like to produce all or most of the things we use right here in our own little space. Of course, they had more land and didn't have to have a "job" most of the time, so they had more time & space to devote to growing all their own food, raising their own animals, spinning wool into yarn and then weaving it into fabric & making clothes out of it, building their own houses, boiling down maple sap into I am living in different times with different resources, my life isn't going to look like that. At least, not yet. ;)

As a child, I helped plant gardens, feed chickens, can vegetables & milk goats, and I learned how to cook. I'm glad.

As an adult, I'm learning to do some of these things "for real." I'm discovering that it's different when you're the grown-up instead of just "helping," but it's tons of fun either way!

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