Friday, November 2, 2012


I planted garlic a couple of nights ago. This may not seem significant to you, so let me explain how cool this really is. Get excited! It is ideal to plant garlic in October, let it winter over, and then harvest it the following summer when the tops of the plants start to fall over. Each clove planted grows into a head of garlic (you just have to buy a head of garlic that still has little root hairs attached so the garlic is alive & will grow). Some of the garlic harvest can be saved to plant a few months later, and the rest can be eaten. Yum! I love garlic. Anyway, the cool part is  this: if I keep planting some of my harvest every year, I WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY GARLIC AGAIN! I'll tell you that this is exciting, because I am really motivated by accomplishing things that are measurable and although I am still far from being self-sufficient, I realized that I can be self-sufficient in my garlic supply. I am incredibly happy about that. :)

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