Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Garden Harvest - Pumpkins

Here's the thing: my son LOVES pumpkin pie. He begs me to grow pumpkins every year so he can have pumpkin pie. He's not interested in the fact that just one large pumpkin makes a whole bunch of pies, or the fact that it takes a lot of garden space to grow pumpkins, or any of the other facts that make it highly illogical in his mother's mind to grow pumpkins for making pie. He's not satisfied with buying canned pumpkin to make pies. He's also still working on his grown-up taste buds (i.e. he doesn't like most vegetables yet), so he keeps insisting that potatoes & pumpkins are the only things worth growing in a garden. I want to make the kid happy & have his help with the garden, and I want him to eat more of the garden goodness, soooooo...we grew pumpkins this year.

Here is the biggest pumpkin from our patch, getting ready for the oven.

I'm going to try roasting & pureeing the pumpkin myself.

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